Post Sweat Skin Care Tips

Sweating is a normal part of life. For instance with sports, a good workout and even an abnormally hot day I can guarantee you see some sweat. Above all, one question remains though. How do you break a sweat, without breaking out? Keep reading for your Atlanta aesthetician’s post sweat skin care advice!

First Up: The Facts

Sweating by itself doesn’t cause acne. Sweat glands are different from oil glands (and each produce different substances). I know, on a humid August day it doesn’t feel that way! Sweat is just a mix of water and salt. But, the salt can be dehydrating and irritating to sensitive and acne-prone skin. And, allowing sweat to remain on acne-prone skin for longer than necessary provides a happy habitat for other pore cloggers (such as oils left on your clothes, makeup, and any bacteria you may have picked from gym or sports equipment). 

So keep up the activity level, but make sure to practice good hygiene before and after! Here are a few tips.

#1 Wash Afterwards

This can make all of the difference in the scheme of things! You may end up spending just a little bit longer in the locker room than you expected, but the results will be worth it. One common mistake of a post-sweat skin care routine is being too aggressive. Do not turn to an exfoliating cleanser or scrub but rather use a gentle, day-to-day cleanser. This is a better option to refresh and reset your skin! If you’re short on time, at least splash some water on your face and save a clean towel to blot it off.

#2 Don’t Forget About Your Body

Just as it is important to wash the grime and sweat off of your face, you should do the same for your body as well! This is the most beneficial way to avoid back acne and chest acne. Waiting until you get home to give your body a thorough cleanse can often times lead to clogged pores. No thanks! For other tips on how to deal with pesky bumps on your body, click here

#3 Don’t Touch Your Face

This is not only a post-sweat skin care routine tip but a during workout tip as well. I know it is tempting when you feel those beads forming; however, you should keep a clean towel on hand to wipe down! Bacteria and sweat from your fellow athletes have migrated from everything you’ve touched during your workout to your hands. Do your best to avoid spreading it on your face. Otherwise, you’re inviting clogged pores and ultimately a breakout. 

#4 Keep Toner in Your Gym Bag

Sometimes it is much easier said than done to incorporate a full body cleanse into your post sweat skin care routine. Advice from a pro: keep cotton rounds soaked in toner inside a sandwich bag or other sealed container on hand. This way, after sweating hard and detoxifying your skin, you have an easy alternative until you can get home. 

#5 Make it to the Finish Line

Your skin care routine has multiple parts – sort of like a relay race. If you only complete one portion of the race, you are not going to “win”. This same thought applies to your skin care! Make sure after you cleanse and tone that you are applying moisturizer and acne-safe SPF as well. Your skin needs all the moving pieces to reach the “finish line”. Don’t sell yourself short!

Sweating is inevitable. What you do afterwards ultimately determines if you will break out after you break a sweat or not. So remember no touching your face, wash everywhere and don’t sell yourself short in your post sweat skin care routine. Still have questions for how to tackle a frustrating breakout? Your first consultation and facial is on us. Schedule one today!

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