Treatment Services and Fees

We have developed a niche in acne treatment and addressing other skin problems such as acne scars and rosacea, but our services are appropriate for everyone.

We offer 30-, 45-, and 60-minute facial treatments on an individual / a-la carte basis and in series packages. We also offer more advanced treatments such as medical-grade, medium-depth chemical peels, dermaplaning, LED therapy, microdermabrasion, and more.

You can find a description of our services and pricing here.

We strongly advise our clients battling acne to subscribe to a series of facial treatments, because much of the acne clearing process requires treatments at consistent intervals of two-to-four weeks. These treatments involve deep exfoliation and extractions, which essentially clear the path for the home care products to do their jobs. Clients who subscribe our treatment series have priority access to our appointment calendar, additional discounts on home care products and certain complimentary add-on services.

What To Expect

Each step puts you on the path to clear skin:

During your initial consultation, we’ll teach you everything you (n)ever wanted to know about acne—specifically, your acne. You’ll leave your consultation with a better understanding of your skin and acne triggers. You’ll also get detailed instructions on which products to use, when and how to use them, and why they’re important. Finally, we’ll make recommendations for nutrition and lifestyle changes that will help with the treatment process.

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  • Over the course of your treatment with us, you’ll come in for biweekly or monthly medical facials which typically include a deep cleansing, enzyme or chemical peels, extractions (pimple popping/blackhead removal), and sessions under the LED lamp. We use customized formulas and professional-grade products to decongest your skin, kill bacteria, and prevent new acne.
  • During your scheduled visits, we also check in on your at-home regimen to ensure your routine is in place and the products are a good fit. We make adjustments as necessary.
  • Treatments typically last 30-60 minutes, depending on your treatment cycle and your therapist’s evaluation of your skin.
  • Emergency appointments: Got a big event this weekend and feel a pimple forming? Come see us. We take care of “emergency” extractions in the office to minimize the risk for infection and scarring.

In-office treatments are vital to the acne healing process—but they are just one part of the solution. Because clients only visit us every one or two weeks, the majority of the skin clearing process takes place at home. That’s why we ask every client to adhere to a strict at-home regimen.

At-home regimens include:

1. Your own personalized product line

  • We have assembled the most effective assortment of cleansers, creams, toners, serums, and exfoliators for your acne severity, skin type (oily, dry, or combination; sensitive/inflamed, etc.), and skin color. (Learn more about your skin color and how the use of certain products and ingredients can increase environmental sensitivities.)
  • Our products include conventional ingredients, such as:
      • Glycolic and salicylic acids and retinoids to decongest and exfoliate your skin
      • Benzoyl peroxide to kill bacteria
      • Other ingredients to control excess oil or inflammation and re-hydrate and protect your skin
  • Note: When you begin using your products, let us know if you notice any of them interacting poorly with your skin. We are happy to exchange for a better-suited product

2. A take-home, step-by-step product guide

  • Keep track of your products, when to use them, and the correct order for use with a handy how-to guide

Throughout your treatment, you’ll have access to us by phone, email, and text if you have any questions or encounter problems with your at-home regimen. We’ll also check in with you regularly.

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Our Approach

Becoming “Clinically Clear” is a journey that begins with your consultation and skin analysis. Together we create a treatment plan that includes regular in-office facial treatments and your home care routine.

Long-term success in treating acne relies on three critical elements: 1.: A dedicated at-home skincare regimen using the right products, in the right order and amounts; 2.: In-office facial treatments at consistent intervals; and 3.: An understanding of how your particular skin responds to acne triggers (such as introducing new skincare ingredients and nutrition choices) so we can manage those on an ongoing basis.

Our treatment approach is comprehensive, integrating both evidence-based approaches (such as those endorsed by the American Academy of Dermatology) and complementary, cutting-edge modalities.

At the beginning of each treatment, your aesthetician will listen to any new concerns you have and take a close look at your skin to determine the best approach. Each facial treatment has a specific focus based on what your skin needs at that time. Sometimes it will be more hydration, other times it will need additional exfoliation/decongestion or anti-inflammatory treatments. When the skin becomes less inflamed, we begin focusing on addressing any discoloration and scars left behind. We finish each treatment with soothing modalities and sun protection.

You can expect your homecare regimen to evolve as your skin begins healing. Often, we must first focus on repairing the skin’s barrier so that it can help to defend against acne in addition to having the strength to handle the ingredients we use to treat acne.

Let’s face it together.

We have firsthand experience with the journey to clear skin, and we know the feelings of frustration and defeat that come with acne. We also know the freedom of finally defeating it. That’s why we focus solely on treating acne, to help our clients achieve long-term relief. Get in touch. We’ll help you find your success story.