All About Acne

Ready for acne 101? No? Take your time—we know it’s not the most fun topic. But part of clearing skin is understanding why breakouts occur. Read on for an education on acne causes, triggers, and types—you might just learn something.

Clinically Clear Lifecycle of a Zit

Acne begins forming under the surface long before you see it—three to six weeks, in fact. It starts when skin cells accumulate and become trapped inside your pores, blocking normal oil output. These clogs create the ideal environment for Propionibacterium acnes (P. acnes) to thrive and multiply—as the bacteria grow, they cause inflamed spots that eventually rupture (ouch!).

Here’s the story of how a spot is born. Scroll through the illustrations for the full timeline.

A Breakdown of Breakouts

Common Causes: Clarifying What’s Behind the Bumps

There are several factors that can make you see spots. Some are unavoidable, but others you can take into your own hands. Read up for tips on what you can change to clear things up.

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Acne Types: Classify Your Spots

Here we cover the different varieties of things that go bump. Get to know what types of acne you’re facing—you might find you’re experiencing types from a few different categories.

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Treatments: What We Can Do for You & Your Skin

Your treatment plan might contain a combination of at-home and in-office care options to target your skin’s specific needs. All of our treatments are designed to stop breakouts in their tracks, and prevent future problems from ever coming to a head.

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Facing Facts: Acne Myths & Misconceptions

There are many legends and rumors when it comes to acne. We’ve separated fact from fiction to steer you in the right direction. Let’s clear things up.

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