5 Tips For Your Winter Skin Care Routine

It may have taken until mid-October, but it appears those 95-degree days have come to an end in Atlanta. That can only mean one thing… Winter Is Coming. And much like The Starks (any GOT fans out there?) always strive to prepare for the season, we must take the appropriate steps to prepare for the changes the winter will bring to our skin. To help you get ready, here are a few tips from our acne specialists to keep breakouts at bay:

1.) Hydrate, Hydrate More and Then Hydrate Again.

We can’t reiterate this enough: dehydrated skin is a haven for acne bacteria.  We know we sound like a broken record; however, staying hydrated is the key to all things involving clear and happy skin. In Georgia the drier, colder air sneaks up on us after months of hot and humid weather. We’re no longer constantly sweating, so it’s easy to leave our water bottles at home.  Please make sure you are still consuming at least half your body weight in ounces of water each day! Consider room temperature, or warm water with a hint of lemon as your “go-to”. It is important to hydrate from the inside, out!

2.) Moisturizer, Please!

While you should already be using a moisturizer in your day-to-day skin care routine, this becomes even more important during the winter months. The cold weather and wind has a habit of depleting your skin of its natural oils and making skin more sensitive. So we highly recommend you moisturize, and moisturize often. Some of us with sensitive skin or skin that tends towards dry may need a heavier (water-based) moisturizer. Also, be cautious and check the ingredients on your moisturizer. Those with acne-prone and/or sensitive skin should be using an oil-free, fragrance-free moisturizer. Clinically Clear’s Buckhead, Atlanta location offers a variety of products specifically formulated for those of us with mild to severe acne. And even have something for those who may have historically shied away from moisturizers because they “made your skin feel greasy”. Your first visit is on us – come find your skin’s perfect match!

3.) SPF is Your BFF.

The sky may be grey, the air cold,  and you’re covered from head-to-toe in layers of clothes, but it is still crucial that you maintain the habit of using sunscreen every single day. This is one of the main ways to prevent sunspots and premature aging. If you desire healthy, youthful and radiant skin – apply even in those chilly months! For skin in all phases of the journey, including those with acne-prone skin, we recommend using a mineral-based sunscreen. Clinically Clear has several acne-safe sunscreen products that will protect your skin from those harmful rays. Before you head out for the day, apply a minimum of 15 SPF to all exposed areas of your body!

4.) Go With The Product Flow!

Your skin is constantly adapting and changing which means that often times the products you used during the summer months might not be the best fit for during the winter months. Our clients often find their skin tends to be dry or more sensitive during these cooler months. As such, you may need a different approach to your skincare regimen; for example, by using a gentler or fragrance-free cleanser. The last thing you want is dry, itchy skin from washing your face. For those of you battling acne and looking for “winter-safe” acne treatment solution that will not leave you completely dried out and irritated, come visit us at Clinically Clear in Atlanta.

5.) Book a Facial.

Winter can create havoc on our skin: the cold and often dry conditions outside combine with the dehydrating effects of indoor heating. This can leave our skin battling to maintain natural balance and leads to a buildup of dead skin cells and congestion. Regular facials can help clear the congestion with professional-grade exfoliating peels. This in turn allows your products to penetrate deeply into the healthy skin left behind. Fall and Winter are ideal times to begin an acne treatment program incorporating peels and extractions because most of us aren’t in the sun as much during these months. Visit our acne experts at Clinically Clear for a complimentary consultation and facial to kick-start your journey to clear skin. We’ll provide you a weekly skincare schedule and set you up with regular facials to clear your skin and keep it clear for good.  

If you have found it difficult to maintain healthy, glowing skin during the winter months just like many of us, then the tips above are for you. None of which, thankfully, are very difficult to incorporate into your daily skin care routine. Do yourself a favor and take care of your skin these next few months, come summer you will be thankful you did. We would love to hear any tips or tricks you may have for winter months – drop a comment below! And until then remember, glowing skin is always in. 

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